Voot Help & Community

Jeff Martin April 1, 2013 Official: Announcements

Hey VOOTers - We are excited you accepted our invitation! We know you're going to love what VOOT can show you. The only question is: what to do with all that time you use to spend tracking this stuff in spreadsheet hell?

We only ask for your help with two things:

1) Please tell us your suggestions and feedback (and vote on user ideas)

2) Please let us know (in as much detail as you can muster) of any issues you have while using the service


Let's Get It Started:

Quick Guide - for all you eager beavers

User Guide - a bit bigger but full of goodness

FAQs - quick and informative

Submit a Ticket - for when you need a helping hand

VOOT 1.0 & Beyond - We Need YOU:

Feedback and Suggestions - Submit & vote on user ideas (You can click the "Feedback" tab anywhere inside of VOOT.)

Known Issues - For issues we know about and are burning the midnight oil.

We've Got Bugs - Like any good BETA you're bound to find some bugs that are not in our known issues (above link). Let us know what you find - with as much detail as you can squeeze in without hurting yourself.